Earth, Wind, and Smoochies / by Dana Bergstrom

I started to write about visiting a psychic to learn more about my wrist pain and it accidentally turned into an I TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE post.

So, let's try again and see if this attempt gets just as weird, shall we?

Awrighty then!

One of my besties asked if I'd like to see her psychic friend, Marie, about pain in my left wrist. And since I'd never met with a psychic before and I'm curious how consciousness is connected between humans (dead or alive), it seemed this would be a fun opportunity to try something new and maybe get some help, too.

The day of the appointment, we drove down to a suburb of Minneapolis and pulled up to a small, light-colored, brick house that looked like it was built in the 1950s.

Marie, a sparkly-eyed, heavy-set, older woman with medium length, silver hair enthusiastically greeted us at her door with a warm, genuine smile. She's welcoming, kind, and engaging and it's clear that she loves being with people.

After we're all seated comfortably in her living room and she's explained what's about to happen, Marie breathes deeply with her eyes closed.

Quickly getting into an altered state, she then puts up a "psychic screen" in front of her.

She's able to see my chakras on this screen and offer insight into how I'm directing my energy.

Here's a quickie CHAKRA definition for peeps new to the concept:

In some Eastern medical and spiritual traditions, chakras are centers in and around our physical bodies that our life energy runs through. And if our animating energy gets blocked up in these areas, it can turn into illness or other difficult life situations that feel crappy.

So, Marie goes into a relaxed state and with her eyes half-open, she puts up the "screen" and begins to explain what she sees.

I'm finding it super fascinating and helpful and when she arrives at the middle section of my body, things start to get extra lively.

Marie asks which element resonates the most for me....Fire, Earth, Water?

Well, the weekend before, I'd gone to an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert and it was a massive spiritual experience for me.

Like, really massive.

The concert was exactly, in my feral world, what an ideal church service would be like...lots of bass, heavy drums, a loud-ass horn section, gorgeous harmonies, people dancing everywhere, and loads of songs about love, unity, and cosmic consciousness.

That night pretty much summed up my idea of a perfect universe, which is an over-the-top celebration of the oneness of All-That-Is in the form of a big, fat, funky LOVEFEST.

I was soooo freekin' blissed out and happy that partway through the show, I left my husband and friends behind in our row and danced all the way up to the front of the stage just so I could feel every bit of the band's blazing, positive energy run through and fill my entire being.

And because I felt soooo much love from these musicians, I desperately wanted them to feel my love, too. I mean, when you're receiving so dang much, you naturally want to give something back, right?

I do this at dance parties all of the time.

I want the DJs to know how much I appreciate their artistry, so I get waaaay too close to the turntables, and smile and spin, and give 'em two thumbs up, and occasionally blow some kisses, which could easily be perceived as borderline inappropriate.

But, ya know what? I've got a lot of love in me and I can't help it.

And then there have been a couple of times when I'm a little buzzed and I become an unsteady, bouncy menace to all those marvelous, vinyl albums and Pauly has to pull me away, like the champ of a husband that he is, because scratching precious records is MOST DEFINITELY inappropriate.

On the eve of Earth, Wind, and Fire (EW&F), I was happy, clear-minded, wide-awake, fully present in my body, and bursting with excitement.

And the ONLY thing that stopped me from crawling up on the stage and LOVING UP those magical performers was a serious-looking, brute of a policeman with folded arms, who was at the foot of the platform, silently scanning the crowd for over-enthusiastic maniacs like me.

Way to do yer job, Mr. Officer!

Your commitment to protect and serve saved the EW&F concert from a funked up, ecstatic, love-crazed woman!

Good on ya!

So instead of invading the performers' space, I soaked up tons of their magical juju just a few feet away.

Dancing to their transcendental tunes and watching their bright-eyes, sweat-soaked faces, and sparkly smiles I was completely FILLED TO OVERFLOWING.

It had been several days since the concert and I hadn't yet been able to talk about my EW&F experience without breaking down in tears.

So, instead of choosing an element that I resonated with, I was compelled to tell Marie, the psychic, about Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Oh my god.

Now I'm crying again.

Oh boy, let's see if I can keep my tears off of the keyboard and get through this.

So the thing that I love about EW&F is not only the PURE LOVE OF LIFE that comes through their lyrics and soulful music but also the fact that they are African-American males.

Three of the original band members are in their mid-60s and have been making funky music together for 45 YEARS!

45 YEARS of spreading the message of JOYFUL LOVE ENERGY as black men!

I mean, can you imagine what fresh hell these guys have experienced in their lifetimes?

First, there's the fact that their ancestors were brought to this country as slaves.

Then there's the long-lasting impact that being treated as sub-human has had on generations of their families.

Then you've got the constant racism and oppression that is thrown their way every single day.

Can you freekin' believe how these guys have TOTALLY TRANSFORMED all of that negative energy?!

To me, they are living, breathing miracles.

And they formed as a group only a few short years after African Americans got the right to vote!

I feel overwhelmed.

Just took a good, long, cry break and then looked up the history of EWF - a band whose stated mission from the very beginning is to SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF UNIVERSAL LOVE AND HARMONY.

Could they be any more inspirational?!

Maybe I feel this way because I've experienced pain, trauma, and cruelty, too.

Certainly, not the kind they've experienced, but I do know suffering and I definitely know what it feels like to want to end my life because of that suffering.

And anyone who can experience intense pain and negativity, look within themselves, take responsibility for their energy, and find a reason to live for love is a hero in my book.

They are my funky, funky, love filled heroes.

So, I explain to Marie what Earth, Wind, and Fire mean to me through sobs and loads of Kleenex.

And she tells me that I have a lot of love to share with the world.

She emphasizes "a lot of love" a few times, which I totally think justifies ALL KINDS of kiss-blowing, don't you? ;)

And, while looking at my upper chakras, she states that I am an intuitive and a communicator.

Are you a writer, Dana?

Well, I have a blog and I'm a big ol' Facebook blabbermouth so, yes, I am.

Marie explained that I have oodles of stories inside of me waiting to be shared and that I'd better start finding more ways to share them because that's what the life energy in me wants to do.

And as far as my wrist is concerned, besides expressing myself, which is key to my healing, I'm also going to want to forgive whoever has hurt me.

Because holding on to that hurt is blocking the energy there, creating my pain.

And so, this is what I'm doing right now. I'm communicating some EW&F love and openly expressing my willingness to forgive.

I'm also beginning to see that forgiveness really has nothing to do with the other person(s).

I've been confused about what to do about some painful, repressed, childhood trauma that unexpectedly surfaced and explained a whole lot of blocked energy in my life.

And it's becoming clear that, in my case, I don't need to talk to the people who hurt me about the details of the experience, or my suffering, or my forgiveness.

Forgiveness is purely an act of redirecting my energy.

Oh, my.

That sentence poured outta my fingers and then I gasped when I read it.

Forgiveness IS purely an act of redirecting my energy.

It's really an act of self-love because all I truly have in this world is my own energy and how I manage it.

So why not focus that energy and share it in a positive direction just like EW&F has?

Yeah, why not?

Okey doke! Well...I guess that's a wrap.

I didn't get sidetracked by dead people this time, but I wept through most of this post, so there ya go!

A good cry renews the soul.

Thanks for reading, fellow infinite, energetic/spiritual beings who are also having unpredictable, painful, and wonderfully beautiful human experiences.

I am now blowing kisses of big ol' smoochy smoochy appreciation to y'all.

And if you have any thoughts on forgiveness, love energy, dead people, chakras, or cops who stop wild fans from rushing the stage at concerts, feel free to comment below.