Chatting With The Dead / by Dana Bergstrom

One of my besties is concerned about the pain I've been having in my left wrist and so she asked if I'd be willing to see her longtime friend who's a psychic.

Now before your BS meter starts going wild, here's some personal experience with psychic stuff:

I've had a couple of dead people come talk to me.

The first one was when I was around 6 years old.

His name was Carl and he was a 30-something parishioner at my dad's Evangelical Covenant Church in Missouri.

Not long after Carl passed away, while I was sitting there just staring out the window, he showed up at the foot of my bed.

Carl said he wanted to tell me that, no matter what anyone else says, I don't need to worry about Hell because it doesn't actually exist.

I don't recall being worried about it at all then; however, when Hell became a long-term, terrifying subject for me soon after, I, unfortunately, forgot about Carl's message.

I mean, if lots of NOT DEAD adults are teaching a kid about Hell on a regular basis, then it's easy to understand why this post-mortem wisdom wouldn't stick, right?

Also, at that point, nobody had told me that people who have transitioned can still actually communicate.

That's okay though...I'm very happy that Carl gave it a go because I remembered his message later, and it played a part in helping me get over the terror of Hell.

Carl knew what he was doing after all!

The other spirit who showed herself to me arrived a few years ago.

It was my high school friend Sara's mom, Cindy, whom I loved.

Cindy was one of those cool moms who was sweet, generous, and hilarious and knew exactly what kind of space her kids and their friends needed to do their thing.

This authentic, gravely-voiced, chain smoker also kindly overlooked Sara's and my juvenile delinquent antics when we came home waaaay early from school one day. I sorta think Cindy wasn't supposed to be home from work early either. Haha. :)

I looked forward to seeing her whenever I had the chance while visiting Nebraska because she was so much fun, but Cindy and I hadn't spoken in over 20 years.


so late one night, while Pauly was giving me a Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) session, Cindy suddenly pops into view and starts talking and waving her arms with excitement.

I get so relaxed during these sessions that I've seen a lot of weird, super duper helpful stuff, but this was my first dead person from this lifetime, so it was kinda surprising.


Cindy wanted to pass along a message of self-love and asked me to send her daughter the link to the Journey tune "Be Good To Yourself" along with the lyrics.

I thought it was strange yet sweet, and told Pauly about it before falling asleep.

The next morning I awoke thinking about Cindy's request for my assistance.

And my next thought was...


there is no fucking way I'm doing that.

I mean, REALLY.

I'm gonna tell a high school friend, who I haven't seen IN TWO DECADES, that her beloved dead mother wants her to listen to a Journey song?!


I'm not saying any of this weird SHIT to anybody!

End of story!

[Insert a loud, screechy record scratch]

Then I get on Facebook and see something disturbing...

It's Sara's freekin birthday!





So, after a bit of contemplating a few worst case scenarios...

I realized that nobody could lock me up and put me in a straight jacket for mentioning what I experienced.

So, I decided to tell Sara what her mama said.

And OH MY GOD!!!

Sara was thrilled that I did!!!

She said it was the most amazing birthday present she had ever received!!!

And there ya go.

A happy ending!

I think this blog post must be Part I in my Intuition Series.

I'd like to write more about this since I believe everyone Everyone EVERYONE has access to information that cannot be explained by the intellect.

So we'll see what flies outta my fingers, but that's enough woo-woo for now.

I'll write more about my wrist and the psychic soon.

If you have an intuition story that you've been keeping to yourself and wanna tell someone about it, but are worried about being locked up, just give me a holler.

It's fun hearing about other people's unexplainable experiences.

I mean, I don't know much, but I do know one thing:

We're all in this weird and beautiful life together.

So let's just see what comes of sharing all of our strange happenings, eh?