Happy Interdependence Day! / by Dana Bergstrom

Whenever I'm given a bouquet of flowers, I get ridiculously giddy.

Bright, colorful blooms and green stems bursting from even a simple Mason jar totally, TOTALLY send me over the edge.

Flowers stay in constant motion at our house as I move the arrangement from spot to spot so I can soak up every last bit of it's goodness and beauty.

If I'm doing dishes, the bouquet's on the high counter at eye level right in front of me.

While eating, it's on the kitchen table.

When sitting in the living room, it's in front of the picture window.

The flowers will only be with me for a few days, so I enjoy them (80s alert!) TO THE MAX.

Today, I woke up feeling acutely aware of everything having a temporary existence.

It's very obvious to me in this moment that my dog's, my husband's, and my friends' bodies are only here for a short while.

Mine, too.

Every single being and thing is a fleeting expression of the formless--a mysterious energy moving through form in countless creations.

And today I'll enjoy it even more as I remember that we're all this one powerful, invisible force, temporarily showing up as life on planet Earth.


We're completely dependent on each other's unique, beautiful, and sometimes aggravating differences to help us realize that our formless essence as life energy is what really makes us all the same.

I love it when I remember the big picture.

It's gonna be a great day.