The Happiest Place On Earth / by Dana Bergstrom

It has loads of smiling people, fresh air, open space, an incredible amount of tail-wagging, and more cuteness than one can stand.

It's not Disneyland.

It's the doooooog paaaaaaark!

We've been going daily for almost two weeks and now I can barely imagine a day without it.

That place has THE BEST kind of chaos and mayhem!

There’s endless sniffing and chasing and licking.

Pups run amok with mid-air Husky/Dalmatian scruff chewing contests. Great Dane paws smush little Collie faces. A Lab scoots under a Terrier, stands up and carries her on his back. Hilarity ensues.

It's also kinda exciting and daredevilish because there's a REALLY good chance of getting body slammed by a wild pack of running dogs!

I try to remember to keep my knees bent at all times, just in case they hit me from behind, which has happened a couple of times.

I'm chatting with several folks and suddenly - BAM - I'm horizontal!

It's always shocking and it makes for some pretty impressive bruises, but you know what I always wish for whenever something like that happens to me? 

Instant replay...

actually, instant replay with slo-mo to see all the facial expressions as I fly through the air and land surrounded by so many concerned, yet probably secretly amused, humans.

What a hoot.

Besides enjoying watching people fall down, there's so much doggy slapstick going on, I smile the entire time I'm there.

And, somehow, everybody seems to happily bounce back from whatever awkward thing just happened.

Our 18 week old puppy, Ray, is finding lots of buddies to chase and wrestle with, but he really goes to meet new people.

Ray is certain he's found TRUE LOVE the moment each human walks into the park.


Ray instantly lights up faces and melts hearts as he lunges at people with his enthusiastic tongue and a wild butt wiggle that takes over his whole body.


That's exactly how I won over my husband, Pauly!

Oh, Dana. Stop!


I think Ray is gonna turn me into a massive extrovert.

Either I find him piles of people to adore or he's gonna chew us to bits with those razor sharp puppy teeth!

Ray charmed these two kind strangers by sitting on their laps and feet. He finally decided to play with their dogs.

Ray charmed these two kind strangers by sitting on their laps and feet. He finally decided to play with their dogs.

Ray knows that we know that he loves us, so he only sweetly snuggles a couple of times a day - morning and night - when he's too tired to think about gnawing on our limbs. After that, he’d clearly prefer to spread the lovin' around. Ray thinks monogamy is for suckers.

It'd be ideal to go to the park twice a day, but when would we get any work done?

Hey! Maybe we'll sell our home, build a tiny house on wheels and just live AT the dog park so he can play there all day!

Or I'll get a job at a facility where Ray can be a certified therapy dog and kiss-kiss-kiss the residents who would like a little more physical affection.


Or maybe I'll have potlucks and campfires and invite friends and dog-loving strangers to our house every single night.

Or I'll be an Uber driver whose tagline is HAPPIEST CAR ON EARTH and Ray can ride along and smooch on my passengers.

Ideas are flowing!

If you have some more, send them my way.

Lil' Ray has got a LOT of love to give, y'all! And I'm gonna find a way to help him give it.