How I Lured A Comedian And Her Dog Into My Basement - Thanks Internet! / by Dana Bergstrom

One night I got a text from a couple of my grrrlfriends, asking if I'd like to join 'em for some dancing.

I don't turn down dance related invites because that would be SILLY.

So Pauly and I headed downtown where The Flame Nightclub was completely packed.

Ooooooh! The music is SO DANG FUNKY!

I bounced, shimmied, and shook my way onto the dance floor.

There was a female DJ spinning vinyl records.

But it's never really about who is playing. For me, it's ALL about the music.

Does it move my booty?

Does it make me temporarily forget that I am in a body?

Does my consciousness transcend time and space on the dance floor?

If so, then that's my JAM!

And this DJ played my jams




When it was over, I was so blissed out on PURE FUNK AND SOUL that I totally forgot to tell the DJ how much I adored her set!

Oh, man. I looooove giving people appreciation.

This is one of my favorite things to do on Earth. If I'm wild about something or someone, I just want to express express EXPRESS how fabulous I think they are!

And this girl had a whole lotta DANA LOVE comin' her way. I just needed to track her down to give it!

I found her website in a flash.

DJ Nola, master spinner of Disco, Funk and Deep House, got an exuberant love note from me and a question about her next gig. She suggested we become Facebook friends so I could keep up on her schedule.

Thanks to super handy social media, over the last few years we've hung out at loads of dances and become fast friends!

And, WHO KNEW, but an unexpected bonus of being pals with my favorite DJ has been meeting a new tribe of people who are some of THE MOST CHILL BEINGS I've ever encountered.

These dancers/artists live in an amazing kind of flow. Their focus is clearly on creating fun and unique experiences versus obtaining things, acquiring status, and striving for future attainment. CREATIVES is a fitting name for this happy herd of music lovin' humans.

Anyway, I briefly met a woman from The Creatives at a 70s concert (Kool & The Gang/Village People!) and we saw each other again at another gathering before going out dancing.

I loved her vibe. She has this amazing, clear, open energy. She feels like an old soul to me. And that night Nola just happened to mention that she was a comedian.

NO!! WAY!!


In fact, I am completely obsessed with comedians. They utterly fascinate me.

How does someone just decide to get up on stage and talk, facing massive in-person rejection day in and day out? Who does that? Why do they do that? And how did they get so brave? And what would make a WOMAN do this? What's driving her to tell her story knowing that she's gonna be sexually harassed and disrespected for doing her thing? What makes a female want to face all of this shit? Who and what inspires her? How does she hone her craft? What makes her tick, man? Really! What. Makes. Her. Tick?

I have a lot of questions for comics and I don't have anyone to ask. And here was a REAL LIVE ONE at the same party!

I knew that despite my usual social awkwardness, I wanted to make an attempt to be pleasant and outgoing.

Oh, Lord. Being friendly to strangers is SOOOOOOO difficult for me.

I suck at small talk in the most horrible I-have-no-fuckin-idea-what-I'm-doing-way. But FOR THE LOVE OF COMEDY I was gonna go for it. 

I got my big, fat chance when I spotted her in the club bathroom.

"I heard you're a comedian!?!" I LOVE comedians!" I shouted at her.

This is all I remember saying. Well....I'm sure I said more stuff. But I'm repressing it BECAUSE I was so awkward. that I think of it...I do recall telling her that I write a comedy blog.

And I only remember this part because I IMMEDIATELY REGRETTED saying it.

My blog is not that funny. It's occasionally funny. It's MOSTLY about how I'm a nut-job and am trying to STOP being a nut-job.

But I'm not going to go up to people and say... "Hi. I write a blog. It's about how I'm high strung and harass people with my screaming and I really wish I wouldn't keep doing that, but I do. Wanna read it?"


Maybe I will start saying that.

That's an accurate description.

Anyway, much to my surprise, she started reading my blog and we began interacting on Facebook, and she is HILARIOUS.

Out of the blue I told her to come up to Duluth anytime she wanted a little vacation from the Twin Cities, not EVER expecting her to take me up on it. She probably had comedy sets to write, gigs to schedule and, ya know, people to entertain.

But one day she messaged me, suggesting a specific date for a visit.



this is happening.

But I had no idea how it was gonna go. So I wanted to warn her that I'm an introvert and that I'm really odd -- just some basic shit to be aware of before staying at my house.

"Anyway...I barely know you and I'm rarely friendly to people, so inviting you up for a weekend is a really strange thing for me to do. I won't be too weird about it...or maybe I will. Or maybe just stating this is about as awkward as I'm gonna get. Let's hope. I'm sure it'll all just be hilarious. I'm looking forward to it, Jenny, whether it's weird or not.

Her reply was perfect.

"Oh it'll be weird. Get ready"

She came up for the weekend and stayed in our basement guest bedroom with her 10 year old pug called "Pug" and, yes, it was slightly weird, as to be expected.

We talked about comedians, which I never really get to talk about with ANYBODY. As it turns out, we are both wild about Amy Sedaris, my favorite funny person of all time. Check her out!

And Pug is just as funny as Jenny. Pug doesn't really care about or listen to humans at all. She just slowly moves around with her bulgy eyeballs and smushed face, making loud, gross, breathing noises. I could barely take my eyes off of this hilarious creature.

It was a great weekend. Honestly...I don't remember laughing this hard and this much in a looooooong time.

And the best thing is that I've FINALLY found someone to share my love of comedy with.

Ain't that great?


Thanks, Internet!