The Upside of Public Humiliation / by Dana Bergstrom

Hey! What's with all the embarrassing blog posts?

We know that you're a depressed prom queen on welfare who remodels and yacks non-stop about her boobs, shins, potbelly, pimples, plus a lot of drunken and not-so-drunken yelling sprees.

Yet how does this help the world?

And what's it got to do with the authenticity obsession we hear about between glimpses of the FrEaK SHoW you call a life?

Well, Golly Gee Whiz!

Thanks so much for asking!

My awkward posts aren't exactly saving the planet but they've certainly helped me.

Writing is how I discover my truth.

Sometimes I don't know what I really think until it flies outta my fingers on the keyboard.

And so sharing these writings has kinda turned MY WIFE YELLS into a virtual confessional.

I'm not Catholic, but, man, if I were, I'd be like a...










In a Catholic Dana Parallel Reality:

Priest: Crap! Here comes that middle-aged redhead. Gotta run!

Dana: Come back! I've got stuff to confess! Imma talk till yer ears bleed!

Priest: Gaaaaaaah! No more stories about your boobs! YOU are going straight to Heeeeeeeeeell!

[Hikes up his robe and races off into the horizon.]

I love writing for the blog because I get to admit my socially unacceptable behaviors, as well as unhelpful thoughts and labels that I've carried around about my body/personality, and then, POOF, I'm suddenly able to let them go!

Plus nobody makes me do any penance or tells me I'm eternally doomed or nothin'.

It's great!

Dreaming about a new Olympic sport that you can do in dirty overalls - CONFESSION! "Hey! Listen to all the shit that I just did!"

Dreaming about a new Olympic sport that you can do in dirty overalls - CONFESSION! "Hey! Listen to all the shit that I just did!"

By releasing conditioned beliefs about how to be "normal" [read: boring-ass-boring], I now freely move about the planet in tight, stained t-shirts, muddy overalls, disheveled hair, and no makeup covering up my perimenopausal acne, and I have the BEST TIME EVER!

That may not seem like anything to you but it's major progress for me, pal.

Freedom from others' opinions AKA external authorities is HUGE since that was such a massively limiting part of my early life.

I now walk around looking less like a prom queen and more like an androgynous hobo and, well, that is just so much more...


This is why I'm gonna keep writing about all of the external blocks to the awareness of JOY, the amazing life energy that animates this 47-year-old, hobo-like, yelling machine I get to temporarily inhabit for a limited number of years on this planet.

So, fellow Earthlings, there will likely be more embarrassing stories to come.

I don't know exactly how much it's helping others; however, maybe you find them entertaining, disturbing, or even somewhat comforting on your own journey of authentic self-realization.

I appreciate ALL feedback via comments, emails, and Facebook messages, including ones that offer a different perspective and make me think!

Because the only reason I am here is to grow into the open minded, open hearted, JOYFUL LOVE BUG that I truly am.

And, deep down, isn't that what we ALL are?


You know it.