Lovin' In A Van Down By The River / by Dana Bergstrom

Whenever I'd get wild and bug-eyed about what Pauly was doing with our last fixer upper, I'd shout, "We're gonna end up livin' in a van down by the river!"

 Unlike Chris Farley on SNL, I was dead serious.

This was my biggest fear.

At the time, I didn't know that "whatever you focus on is what you get", so I hollered the van phrase whenever I got anxious, which OF COURSE, made me even more anxious.

I was pretty sure that Pauly was trying to get me to divorce him at several points during that project.

I opted for yelling, which was waaaay easier than doing all that divorce paperwork!

So we stayed married, lost some money, and didn't end up in a van.

The entire experience brought great contrast (what we did NOT want) and eventually we got great clarity (what we DID want). So we began to make big, sweeping changes in our lives, specifically, in the way we chose to spend our precious time on the planet.

As a result, I've released many of my attachments to unnecessary things.

And now I actually dream about....


When I fantasize about this, it's a great adventure, a simple, romantic lifestyle where we get to enjoy stunning and ever-changing scenery, meet interesting people, and experience unique foods and activities.

Several months ago, I was doing my morning dance/exercise routine and imagining the glamorous van life, when a random thought popped into my head,



Travel the country and have dance parties everywhere! And I could make fun videos of our escapades!

So I bought the domain name because I'm absolutely CRAZY about the idea!

Pauly is not.

At all.

But I'm not gonna let that stop me.

I also have no clue how I'm gonna finance it.

At all.

But I'm not gonna let that stop me either.

Besides...the super fun domain is only $14.99/year! And I've gotten at least $5K worth of PURE JOY just shouting, "I'M GONNA BOOGIEACROSSAMERICA.COM!!" at Pauly when the mood strikes me - which is quite often.

I would also love this sexy sexy van.

Which is definitely not $14.99/year.

Yet, I can already see it!

BoogieAcrossAmerica.Com plastered in bright purple sparkly letters across the whole vehicle!

Pauly can learn to DJ (he's already a wicked playlist master on Soundcloud), I can up my videography game, and we can spread DaNcE AnD BoOtY SHaKInG LoVe all over the nation!

On Saturday I attempted to warm him up to this idea by traveling to a Kool & The Gang, The Village People, KC & The Sunshine Band concert in our trusty 2001 Toyota Sienna, which thanks to my blasting the bass, no longer has a functioning sound system. (THE FUNK MUST BE LOUD! 'Tis a Funk Commandment!)

We got the van all cozy for cuddling.

Awwww! Cute!

Awwww! Cute!

And then we ended up staying at a friend's house.


No van action for me yet.

However, no worries!

On the way home from our trip we drove by a Mercedes Sprinter cargo van that's FOR SALE and ready for ALL of our fabulous customizing touches!


"Pauly! We can fill it with a bed, a kitchen, speakers and DJ equipment!"

He frowned.

I beamed.

My dream of dancing

Across the nation

For hours on end

With strangers

Who'll become fast friends

While living in a van

With my man

Could be realized sooner than I think!


And even if this "I'm Your Boogie Van" fantasy never materializes, I've had a RIDICULOUS amount of fun with the idea.

I know that my mind is where the joy of life actually lives.

Van or no van, I can access that funky love at any time.