All Over The Overalls / by Dana Bergstrom

My husband chooses my favorite clothes.

Pauly just has a knack for knowing what I'll like.

He finds items at second hand stores like Goodwill or Savers, or on a clearance rack, or sometimes in a FREE box.

At first, I was not cool with this.

"Dana! Look what I got you! A new sweatshirt!"

I'd scrunch up my face.

"Where'd ya get it?"

"In a box of free stuff they were getting rid of at work. They were gonna take it all to Goodwill."

I'd roll my eyes and think, "I'm not wearing that. Who knows where it's been."

Then I'd wash it and try it on and


This is the most awesome sweatshirt ever!

Thank you, Pauly! I love it sooooo much!"

I'd wear it day and night until the fragile, remaining threads would fall off of my body.

This kind of thing happens a lot.

The other day we were on a Home Depot run and I mentioned that the one pair of work Levi's I have were wearing thin.

Pauly said, "Let's go to Savers and get you some overalls. I have a feeling they're there today."

"Nawww. Let's go when it's raining."

It was a nice day and when it's sunny in Duluth, you take full advantage of the opportunity to get outside work done.

But he persisted, so I agreed.

Pauly swiftly made his way through the racks of women's jeans.

"Here they are!" 

He held up a barely broken-in pair of Gap denim overalls. They were a couple of sizes too big but I was willing to try them.

The second I put 'em on, I was CRAZY IN LOVE!

These are the most comfortable things I've ever had on my body!

They barely touch my skin!

Holy crap!

It's like I'm naked! But I'm NOT!

I can put tools in all of my pockets!

I can even rest my entire arm INSIDE MY OVERALLS! ON MY POTBELLY!

We drove home, I got in my new outfit, and we headed straight to the garden to build a new gate.

Now my arm won't get tired from checking the weather all the time!

Now my arm won't get tired from checking the weather all the time!

I told Pauly that I LOVED how they felt so much that I'd totally forgotten to take a peek in the mirror.

"How do they look?"

Pauly laughed.

"They're cute. I like that nobody else can see your curves in them."


Immediately, I got hot under the collar and glared at him.

"Is this like your Bergstrom remodeler version of a BURQA?! You like me in overalls so NOBODY ELSE can see my body?"

Oh boy. My ego was raring to go on this one. It couldn't wait for what the man was gonna say next.

"No! I just LIKE it that there are curves under there that nobody but me knows about. It's like a fun secret!"


My ego steam suddenly dissipated, the pressure instantly released.


Just like that, I unhooked from my ego's burning desire to shout about the millennia of female subjugation.

I also simultaneously realized that this was Pauly's ridiculously positive spin on my super frumpy, new outfit.

That's what egos do. They thrive on finding things that are different, separate, and therefore "wrong" and get high off the self-righteousness of it all.

Mine was clearly out to hide the fact that Pauly and I had a shared yet slightly different appreciation of the same thing - my fun overalls.

And now when I put on these fabulous duds every day, my LOVE for my overalls can remind me that life is more fun when I love OVER ALL.

Awwwww. Freekin' cheesy but true.