My Spirit Animal Is A Dogg Named Snoop / by Dana Bergstrom

I was so happy to see my old friend, Snoop Dogg, walking towards me.

As soon as he was close, he gently pulled my body into his, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist, and slowly leaned towards my face.

Now nobody but Paulycakes would get away with a move like that because of the yelling + Miss Piggy style karate chops that would surely ensue; however, I just stood there smiling since I find the swagger oozing outta my rapper buddy to be hilarious.

"Whatcha doin, Snoop? You know I'm happily married." I laughed.

"I know that, Dana" he said in his soft rhythmic voice, "but I've got a proposal for you."

Releasing me, he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a gigantic wad of cash. Thousand dollar bills were spilling onto the floor. Snoop didn't even notice.

He continued, "There's a contest going on and I want you to enter. You have five minutes to express yourself. If you win, I'll double the prize money."

I knew very little about this contest, except for one thing: If I won with Snoop's offer, that would make me a millionaire.

I looked at him all squinty-eyed to convey my confusion.

Snoop led me towards a thick, dark blue, velvety curtain. We were backstage. I couldn't see the audience or the judges but I peered around the corner at the current act.

It was a woman dressed as Beyoncé. She and her 20 backup dancers were performing a crazy, high energy song and dance.

Glittery costumes, flashing lights, loud music and full-on choreography.

It was mesmerizing!

And they'd obviously been practicing for months.

My mind suddenly went blank.

"What am I gonna do for five minutes?" I wondered aloud.

As I turned back towards Snoop, he was beaming from ear to ear.

"You'll figure it out."

At that point, I spontaneously woke up.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I love wild dreams like that!

In waking life, I'm not a Snoop Dogg fan. I don't even know any of his songs but his voice is sampled in some of the Soundcloud mixes I listen to. After a little research, I discovered that Snoop is crazy about the funk, so we've got that goin' on!

I shared my funny dream with a friend and her interpretation instantly rang true.

"It's about self-expression...five minutes at a time."

Ahhhhhh! Yes!

Authenticity in the now!

My ego/inner bully loves to drag me into the past or catapult me into the future. It wants me to worry about things. It thrives on comparison. Perpetuating false beliefs based on lack is what egos do. And if I listened to it all of the time, I could literally come up with hundreds of things to be upset about. Sometimes I do listen to the lies.

Yet Snoop Dogg, my newest spirit rapper/animal/guide, has offered me a beautiful truth.

The truth is that my life is already beyond rich whenever I'm present with myself, expressing whatever it is that lights me up!

So for my next act, I'm gonna crank the tunes while dance-cleaning the bathroom for tonight's Jin Shin Jyutsu client.

Expressing my joy five minutes at a time is pretty dang easy.

Thanks for the funky tip, Snoop.