Vibe Is Everything / by Dana Bergstrom

Once you realize that the inner state determines your entire experience, you cannot fully go back to how you lived before.

When you clearly see that the world is your mirror, you are changed.

There is less interest in many externals – specifically the ones that don’t nourish your vibe.

I realized yesterday that I’ve been using certain externals as excuses to not be true to myself, purely out of fear.

I believed that I needed to try to be "normal", to do my best to fit in, to not make waves, to not be ostracized from the pack.

I believed this because there was another belief lurking below that one.

I thought that if I didn’t have other people “shoulding” on me on a regular basis, that I would eventually become out of control.

The message I absorbed as a kid was that I was born inherently bad, innately evil. I got a strong dose of the “original sin” concept and believing that fearful idea has kept me from feeling free for years.

Lost in a blizzard of rules, expectations, obligations and shoulds, I've often been oblivious to my own inner guidance system, the voice of truth that's within each one of us.

Yesterday's hidden fear went like this:

If I'm not kept in check by others, I’ll become some kind of monster.

I looked at the belief closer and what I discovered was that my inner bully had me imagining that I'd turn into a specific kind of monster--a unabomber type of hermit - quietly typing my manifesto in the basement, growing crazy, gangling eyebrow and chin hairs, rarely bathing and eating beans out of cans.

Wowza! Good one, inner bully! You sure know how to tempt me with the thrill of writing and forgetting to bathe. Those sound kinda fabulous! But I'm totally not down with the bean can biznass.

Well. I will not believe you. I am not a monster.

Nobody is. Not even Ted Kaczynski, the actual unabomber.

It is only our fears that make us feel and begin to act like monsters. It’s our fears that make us feel less than others. It is our fears that want to lash out and hurt people. Fear makes us think we don’t have enough, so we need to stockpile more for security. Fear makes us believe that we’re undeserving without some kind of sacrifice.

There is not a single fear that is true.

The low vibration of fear will make it seem true because the world will mirror that.

The world is “an outside picture of an inward condition".

And so this is why vibe is everything.

“The only need is to be in touch with how you really feel, moment to moment.” said my wise friend, Marian, in a recent email.

This is true.

I am going to trust myself. I am going to let my inner guidance system, my emotions, notify me about any fears arising so I can let them go and live the truth of love.

And as I mind my vibe, I’ll continue to watch the world mirror it in the most amazing ways.