Labels Are For Buttheads / by Dana Bergstrom









Labels, man. They're everywhere.

For ten years, Pauly and I were respite care providers for kids who were defined as disabled in one way or another. And my main takeaway, besides absolutely adoring these children, was that the labels that they'd been given mean nothing.

Energy is what matters when it comes to relating to anybody or anything, really.

People don't respond to labels. We respond to the energy behind the words.

We tend to only remember how we FEEL around particular people. Yet, our egos continue to generate definitions like gigantic label making machines.

What's behind the label that you've been given?

Does it seem like who you REALLY are is actually considered when you're being called that?

Are you seen as the mysterious, undefinable, ever-changing, creative being that you are? Or are you perceived as a certain, static thing?

That's what labels do. They attempt to put people, objects and ideas in a specific, fixed, condition or category. It helps us to feel like we've got things managed or under control if we label shit.

I recently realized that I define myself a lot. And often in negative, lack-based ways. As if calling myself these things will encourage change somehow. But all it really does is to keep me stuck.

What if I just saw myself and others without definitions?

Or if I'm tempted to define someone, why don't I just see them as the whole and perfect energy being that they are?

Or if I can't see them as that, I could at least begin to name a few of their positive aspects.

Our dog, Oslo, gone in body but not in spirit, is a master in seeing all things lovely, with or without spectacles.

Our dog, Oslo, gone in body but not in spirit, is a master in seeing all things lovely, with or without spectacles.

Looking for pleasant things about ALL people doesn't mean that I have to vote for them for President, ya know. I can make this wild election year easier on myself, keep my undies out of a bundle, and simply choose the candidate who I see as having the most positive traits.

The most magical thing about a more free-flowing, upbeat perspective is that my energy isn't spent on judging and being critical, which is about as much fun as a poke in the eye, or a rock in the sock, or a kick in the shin, or a smack on the butt.


That last one's kinda nice when it's from your playful, hot husband.



HEY, didn't you come to Earth to focus on creating things and experiences you love?

I'm pretty sure I did.