The Truth Will Set You Free / by Dana Bergstrom

Holy Blog Hits, Batman! Who knew that Depressed Prom Queen on Welfare! would be such an appealing topic? Any ol' body who reads gossip magazines in grocery checkout lines - that's who!

I still cannot believe that anyone is reading this blog at all. And why would you when you have 800 trillion other things you could be reading? I have a couple of guesses.

Last night we watched the movie, "Get Low" on Netflix Instant. I cried as Felix Bush, played by Robert Duvall, spoke at his own funeral party. After the movie ended and I'm loudly blowing my nose and wiping away tears, Pauly asked what I liked about the film. I answered between sniffles.

"I think we're here on earth to tell the truth about our lives. That's how we make authentic love connections with our true selves and with each other. Felix just needed to tell the truth. And I love that."

The truth. That is what I want more than anything.

The truth is...this pic was taken many years ago and I'm too lazy to take another trampoline pic in the rain for the blog.

The truth is...this pic was taken many years ago and I'm too lazy to take another trampoline pic in the rain for the blog.

Yesterday I asked a friend to keep my ego in check. I'm feeling so happy about life right now and that feeling is sooooo unfamiliar, that my Inner Bully has started to try and take me down. It told me that I'm going to become a megalomaniac. (That's a new one! Bonus points for the fabulous creativity, Inner Bully!)

This friend said, of course, she'd be happy to let me know if my ego goes wild, stating that "We have a relationship that is dedicated to truth."

I absolutely love that there is no bullshitting in that friendship. Just like there's no faking with Pauly. And there will be no lying on this blog. If you sense any non-truth, I want to be called out on it.

Our world is so hyped on twisting truths for the sake of image, status and self-esteem that many of us are on fucking-fake-information-overload. I know I am.

Telling the truth over the last few years has set me free in a way that I couldn't even imagine. So maybe you're reading because you're just as hungry for truth as I am. Or maybe you wanna see a high school prom queen's life turn into an online, expletive-filled, flaming trainwreck. (Stay tuned! That still may happen!)

Whether anyone reads or not, I'm gonna keep on writing. Anytime I speak my truth, I feel great. And feeling great simply means that I'm overflowing with love. And love is the beautiful, powerful energy that creates galaxies and, for Love's sake, who doesn't want more of that?