My Husband Left and I Fell in Love / by Dana Bergstrom


Pauly left on a fishing trip for the weekend and I fell in love. So crazy in love that I forgot to eat, drink, bathe and sleep. I spent the weekend tapping away on the keyboard to my overflowing heart's content, utterly enchanted and deliriously in love with writing! Who knew playing with words was this much fun?!

I would be writing for hours and then just before I was about to go cross-eyed from staring at the screen, I'd get up, crank some funk music and dance. But as soon as I'd start dancing, ideas for word tweaks began popping into my head! "Oh! This word's more vivid! Oh! This word has more pizazz! Oh! Oh! Oh!" So I'd stop twerking and start tweaking.

I mean, for Pete's sake, simply writing the goofy word "pizazz" in that last paragraph put a gigantic toothy grin on my face! (The word causes me to visualize people with jazz hands excitedly snarfing down pizza - PIZAZZ!) That is how c-c-c-crazy in love I am.

As soon as Pauly arrived home I told him all about my weekend love affair. He's for it. The more that I love what I'm doing, the more I'm allowing love to flow through me. And then it's just all love, all the time! Can you beat that? This is what life is about now...finding my joy and letting love energy move me where it will!