Long Hot Summer Of Love / by Dana Bergstrom

We moved to Duluth a couple of weeks after getting married 23 years ago. I've basically been in sweaters, turtlenecks and long underwear ever since. I find that I actually enjoy being covered head-to-toe. However, this summer has been so hot that I got a couple of above-the-knee sundresses just so I wouldn't sweat to death. Every time I put one on Pauly shouts, β€œHEY, NAKED LADY!” Every. Single. Time.

Living near the North Pole can legitimately distort one's perception of reality, so I remind him that I'm not actually naked and simply want to stay cool. But Pauly sees so much skin that he spends the entire day saying scandalous things to me that I cannot repeat here.

As it turns out...I eat that talk up! Hubba hubba, ladies, get yerself some tiny outfits and watch your love life soar.