Don't Sweat the Deets / by Dana Bergstrom


Pauly and I started dating right before I graduated from college. One of his adorable quirks is that he cannot remember people’s names. I first discovered this after we'd been going out for a couple of weeks. He'd just parked the car outside of his Chicago apartment on Spaulding Avenue when he turned to me, smiled sweetly and called me "Dena". GASP! I held my breath and stared wide eyed at the car's radio dial and thought, "I've been making out like mad with a guy who doesn't even know my name?!!!!” (Long pause for silent self-judgment...) "Oh, who cares! I'm completely nuts about him!” I gently reminded Pauly of my name and he got it right after that. It pays to not be picky about silly details, especially when you're having so much fun.