True Confession Tuesday / by Dana Bergstrom

Before Pauly and I wed he promised a life of travel and glamour. And I basically concealed the fact that I’m feral. A marriage based on a solid foundation of lies and deception somehow made it to 23 years this month! A month I also turned 46. I've been married for exactly half of my life!

So here’s the confession part. I feel like this is a “coming out” event because I’ve had a lot of shame around this. Here goes...

I truly am feral. I’m wildly passionate and sometimes I yell. To be totally honest, I yell a lot. I yell when I’m happy, sad, angry and excited, which pretty much covers it. My mother said I screamed non-stop as a baby. She literally couldn’t shovel food in my mouth fast enough between screams. I absolutely love yelling!

Of course, I didn’t inform Pauly of this until after we’d married. We didn’t date very long so it wasn’t that difficult to hide. You know how you’re on your best behavior for as long as possible, right? Well. I totally snowed the guy.

The first time he experienced my angry yelling was a few weeks after the wedding. He went into shock. I can still see his gigantic eyes and look of horror. “What kind of monster have I married?” is what his frightened, adorable face said to me. Did I stop yelling? No. I just turned it down a notch so he wouldn't run away.

It didn’t take Pauly long to realize how much passionate fun he was missing out on and he started yelling back. Yay! So now we’re both pretty loud most of the time because we both yell when we're happy, sad, angry or excited. We're also totally crazy about each other. So no worries. Yelling is just what we do.

Last year we were in the midst of a real barn burner of an argument and he threw me off by shouting, “I’m gonna buy!” My hollering came to a screeching halt. “Oh my God! What a great idea!” Then we laughed and laughed and completely forgot what we were all worked up about.

So I've started a blog on that domain and you're reading the first post right now. I'm not sure what I'm doing except that I have strong impulses to write about how much I love being alive, as well as the absurdity of it all. I also have many days where I’m not excited about being in a body and those days may be recorded too. This is an exercise in raw (feral, even!) authenticity.

I'll be sharing whenever I feel inspired, so there's no self-imposed True Confession Tuesday deadline, like there was this month on Facebook. It's True Confession Time all the time on the blog! So, I guess we'll see how My Wife Yells goes. Thanks for reading!