Demolicious Dancing / by Dana Bergstrom

I love it when Pauly dances. It makes me ridiculously happy.

The first time I ever laid eyes on Pauly was in Chicago in September, 1987. I was a brand spankin’ new freshman in college and he was shyly dancing onstage with a bunch of fellow Resident Advisors at the freshman talent show.

The RAs had worked up a little rap and dance tune reminiscent of the Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle, featuring the Resident Director’s adorable, little kids. It was a group routine, yet I couldn't see anyone else but Pauly. He had me hooked immediately! Even though I could tell he was slightly embarrassed to be dancing in front everybody, it was easy to see he had the moves. And his eNeRgY! Oooh! I could feel that yummy goodness all the way to the back corner of the auditorium where I was seated. I was sooooooo smitten!

After that I’d chase him around on the dance floor at school dances to R.E.M.s “It’s The End of The World As We Know It” and the B52s “Love Shack”. I tried to simultaneously dance and flirt but my lame attempts at wooing him went nowhere. Dangit.

For four years I admired Pauly from afar, as he dated half of the girls on campus. Then when his sister and my friend, Julie, said he'd broken up with his girlfriend and could use a mood boost, I pounced like a wild cheetah.

"I'll cheer that guy up! What's his number?!"

I immediately called and asked him to go out dancing at the Baja Beach Club with me a bunch of friends. He agreed. There were so many enthusiastic dancers that it took a couple of vehicles to get us all there.

Pauly and I grooved to all the fast songs, including the jammin' tune “Push It” by Salt n' Pepa. I LOVED moving around the floor with him and was having the time of my life. But get this! During the slow songs Pauly danced with every single one of my friends except me! I was utterly confused.

That night I drove a car full of friends home from the club in my little, yellow Ford Escort station wagon. Pauly was sitting in the seat directly behind me when suddenly he began RUNNING HIS FINGERS THROUGH MY HAIR! OH MY LORD! HE'S TOUCHING ME! WHAT IS GOING ON?! I nearly drove off Lake Shore Drive into the cold, dark waters of Lake Michigan! Once he realized all of our lives were in danger, he stopped.

Later I put it together why Pauly slow danced with everyone but me. He was being cautious. He instinctively knew I was so crazy about him that there was a massive risk! If he got too close, I'd most certainly burst into flames right there on the dance floor and demolish the entire Baja Beach Club! Then the police and fire department and ambulances and the National Guard would have to come and put that whole section of Chicago back in order!

It’s good to think about public safety first before getting too close to a wild woman on the dance floor. He’s smart like that. And we’ve been together ever since. Shazam!

Here’s yesterday's dance to "our song" after successfully demolishing some very stinky walls and ceilings in Fixer Upper #5 aka Gloria. Pauly's rather shy in front of cameras (especially when it comes to dancing) so I danced by myself for a few minutes with the camera rolling while simultaneously coaxing him towards me. I'm shocked that it actually worked!

Happy happy dancing day!