I Am Cool, Unique, Special and Other Stinky BS / by Dana Bergstrom

For many years, being a renovator of old houses was a huge part of my identity. When we stopped remodeling for a while after Fixer Upper #3, I wondered what there was about me that was "cool" to talk about with the new people that I met.

That could've been my first hint that I was overly identified with my role as a house remodeler. And since people usually found it to be unique or special when they heard about our wild remodeling escapades or saw the work we'd done, I also realized I was using that identity to get validation from an external authority.

Enjoying Fixer Upper #3 with the Bergstrom Homewrecking Crew - Pauly's bro, Ronnie, and daddio, Bob.

Enjoying Fixer Upper #3 with the Bergstrom Homewrecking Crew - Pauly's bro, Ronnie, and daddio, Bob.

I was granting the authority of determining my uniqueness to the people I was going to meet. There was a dependence on an identity to create some kind of solidity of self as well as an artificial connection with others. I was choosing to focus on the superficiality of a role instead of meeting people in the moment with my pure presence and full attention.

Over-identification with any role at all, like being a redhead, a believer of this or that, a dancer, or a wife (who yells) just distracts me from who I really am. And who I really am is an energy form, a pure spirit, coming from wholeness and temporarily inhabiting this body. I'm here to experience the richness of human life on planet earth.

There isn't a role, talent, dollar amount, physical characteristic or belief system that makes any person more cool or unique or better than anyone else. That's all superficial stuff and diversity is simply part of the human game of life to make it more fun and interesting.

Today I feel super excited to play this game. I'm also remembering not to take any of it too seriously because I know exactly who I am and who you are too. Our true identity is as our beautiful Inner Being and we are each perfect, whole creations of pure love.❤️